Keziah Tañeza Hiss

I am known by many as IndayKez in my hometown San Dionisio, Iloilo, Philippines.

As a child, my favorite drawing mediums were  stick and sand. Our town has a beautiful coastline with chain of Islands in front.

My brother Willy gave me my first watercolor set when I was in high school. Crayons and pencils were mostly used in the house or in school.

From elementary to high school, I regularly participated in Inter-Schools drawing or poster making contests. Oftentimes I won but sometimes, also lost. In high school, I earned money for doing drawing projects of my classmates.

There was no opportunity for me to study finearts, i finished BA in English and Social Science.

My first oil encounter was a Workshop  with Bro. Hansel Mapayo of Society of St. Pauls in Makati after my failed civil law studies.

Married to Andreas Hiss, I am lucky to have the opportunity to study in Neuekunstschule in Basel, Switzerland which enhanced my perceptions, drawing, painting skills and.use of oil as painting medium.

In the meantime, I am doing my fifth year further study with Ho, Liang and Bogdan in Neuekunstschule.





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